Dr. Ferrari is a physician and educator for 25 years. His works are performed on humanitarian and compassionate grounds, engaging in education and health quality, democratic and humane.

With extensive experience in emergency care, chose to work at all stages of the emergency, APH, Emergency Room and ICU.

He traveled throughout Brazil because of their activities in the Brazilian Society of Intensive Care, which he founded, and assists in emergency education professionals, academics and the general public.

Published in the system of postgraduate theses and more than 400 makes at least six monthly lectures on national territory.

He is the editor of the journal Intensive, intended for the public emergency rooms and intensive care, and coordinates the MedicinaIntensiva site that already has more than 100,000 acess per month, according NET Steering Committee.

Its ideal transformation of education and health in Brazil, so there is a more just society and valued.

Since the age of 15 is involved in charity care and solidarity which had the honor of serving as chair of the Beaver Lions Club.

At two and a half years old, in prayers, is called to medicine. He attended public schools at all levels of training and has achieved first place in the great Anglo-Latin simulated in Sao Paulo. Was approved in several tenders successfully, including the School of Health of the Brazilian Army.

Published series of books, scientific and technical chair of the Brazilian Institute of Intensive Care and within your field of expertise includes emergency to the Airmedical Transport, Hiperbarismo Clinic, Hemotherapy, mechanical ventilation and APH.

Exercise command of Humanitarian Institutions, the Corps of Rescuers in Brazil (CSB) and the World Emergency Rescue Society (ERWS) in the role of Commanding Officer International, an agency supported by UN-Volunteers.

As medical officer of the army R2, participated in presidential missions, maintaining support for national health board. He was awarded Commander of the Brazilian Society of Heraldic and Humanistic and the Medal of Merit Civic and Cultural Imperial Brazil by the Brazil Institute and the Imperial award of the degree of Doctor Intensivist by the National Council of Intensivists.

Was honored international film studio international film studio in partnership with the Canadian National Geographic with the making of the film Mayday - Running Out of Runway (2012) having as its protagonist role in the crash of TAM service doing great reflection of the human drama experienced as medical and professional and providing support to victims and their families.

In the ideological field and citizenship, representation occupies the Foreign Medical Institute Imperial Brazil - Body Founded by the Hon. Army Commander General Mr. Braga, being representative of the Brazilian monarchical movement, by virtue of the redemption of our history, family values ​​and national education. CPI is an invited member of the Senate for Child Protection.

Feeling gratified to meet you, Dr. Ferrari awaits you at the Hospitalar Fair ( www.hospitalar.com )every year as president of Congress, Hospital Emergency and ICU.

On their behalf, we wish Greetings Christian, Humanitarian and Emergency physicians.

Office of Communications.